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If you are searching for variety, Sapphire Beach may be the spot for you.

They have live music on Sunday afternoons at the bar, which is a nice open air spot and the music flows out onto the beach.

Is volleyball your thing?  The volleyball courts usually have a few people waiting around for a nice pickup game.

There are plenty of rentals too, including kayaks, sailboats, windsurf boards and snorkel equipment.

There is usually a light wind that blows along this beach, which makes it one of the best spots if you want to windsurf.  Snorkeling may not be as abundant as Coki, but you will not be dissappointed.

Head out to the right of the beach and you will find a small open air restaurant by a set of swimming pools.  The pools are resevered for the hotel guests, but it really is nice to relax by the pools for lunch.  I recommend this lunch spot.

Sapphire beach is also the launching point for quite a few daytrip sailing excursions.

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