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This beach, located at the Bolongo Bay Beach Resort is one of the more lively beaches on the island.  Bolongo Beach a large amount of water toys, a volleyball net, and Iggy’s restaurant and bar which hosts music and karaoke regularly and keeps the fun going into the evening hours. The beach is a nice […]

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Brewers bay is located near the University of the Virgin Islands.  It is one of the more calm beaches and is quite expansive.  There are no changing rooms on the beach, so pack carefully. This beach is usually busier around the weekends – which is also the more likely time that you will find a […]

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Buck Island is one of the most popular destinations on St Croix and noted by most travelers as a “Must  See.”  In fact, if you miss this beach and read about it later, you will be disappointed. Buck Island is part of the National Park Service and is classified as a National Monument.  There is […]

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Located just a short distance from Cruz Bay, you will find the Caneel Bay Resort and Caneel Bay Beach. Caneel is a nice beach for sunbathing, with public restrooms and restaurants on site.  This beach and resort also offer a public access trail to get to Honeymoon Beach and Salomon Beach. You can find some […]

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Ahhhhh… Beautiful Cinnamon Bay. With all the things you can do at Cinnamon, you could spend the entire day here!  In fact, you can spend the overnight too – as this beach offers camping and cabins, right off the beach. Cinnamon Baech has a very nice, consistent sand and a long stretch of beach.  Shower […]

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Coki Point is one of the top two popular beaches on St Thomas (the other being Megans Bay).  Coki Point is located next to Coral World, St Thomas’ famous Aquarium. Snorkeling is a MUST DO on Coki Point.  The fish are very abundant, due to the daily feedings from the aquarium and the number of […]

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With no amenities and no immediate parking area, Denis Bay will likely be unpopulated.  A hike on the Peace Hill trail will get you to the beach.  The trail is not maintained by the NPS, but should be relatively clear.  If not – your only access is by sea. There are no facilities on the […]

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Ever walk out onto a beach and there is nowhere to put your towel?  Well, weekdays especially, you won’t find a problem at Francis Bay.  Francis is one of the longest beaches on St John, where you simply have to walk a little to the right or left and you will find plenty of room […]

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Great Bay is located at the Ritz Carlton in St Thomas (near Red Hook) and Secret Harbour.  This beach is a pristine white beach with a consistent, but calm wind. Chairs can be found, but are usually scooped up quickly. One side of the beach is quite a bit more quiet and secluded than the […]

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Located at the Westin Resort and Hotel, Great Cruz Bay is a calm, white sand beach.  Since it is located at the Westin Resort, facilities are readily available from toilets, to rental equipment, a restaurant and a bar.  Lounge chairs may be availble to use by Day visitors, but are reserved for guests of the […]

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There are two Lameshore Beaches and Great Lameshore is covered with smoothed cobblestones, not sand. You will find this beach particularly secluded due to its difficult reach from the main roads and the cobblestones.  There are no facilities on the beach.

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Grotto is located next to the Mermaid Beach at the Bucaneer Resort.  The beach is a long stretch that is very nice for relaxing and can be less busy than Mermaid.  It is still not as private as Whistle Beach. This beach also has beautiful, white, satiny sand. There are plenty of amenities – located […]

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The first ‘car accessible” beach from Cruz Bay, Hawksnest Beach is less than a stones throw from the road.  It is also quite accessible for families and those that would prefer or require a short walk to the beach area. Snorkeling is a treat, with two coral reefs, located just a few feet off the […]

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Honeymoon Beach and Salomon Beach are located in the same bay and seperated by only a small rock outcropping.  These two beaches are wonderfully calm with the beautiful, powdery white sand that is common on the north side of St John. What makes these two beaches unique is the access.  Unlike other beaches with pull […]

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This beach is accessible by ferry and has quite a few amenities.  Pick up the ferry at Fort Christiansted from 7am to Midnight.  There is a charge for the ferry.  Please check hours of operation for the ferry service. There is a restaurant and bar located at the Hotel at the beach. The beach has […]

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Hull Bay is located near Magens Bay, but boy can it be a trip to get to… Follow the directions on the map to the point and you should be fine, but get ready for some up-and-down hills on the way. This is the best point on St Thomas to surf, especially in the winter […]

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Close to Cruz Bay and one of the more secluded beaches on Route 20, Jumbie Bay is located at the bottom of a set of wooden stairs. This is a small beach, which is positioned in a way that become less ‘seen’ than others along St John.  You can see Trunk Bay from Jumbie, but […]

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All along the St John beaches, you can find good snorkeling.  At Leinster, you have access to Waterlemon Cay.  A short swim across a 20ft deep area, with a lot of sea grass, will get you to a very popular snorkeling area.  Keep your eyes out as you go across the sea grass, as you […]

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Lindbergh Beach is located near the airport, on Airport Road, as a matter of fact.  If you are flying into St Thomas, it will be the first beach you see (when you are on the ground that is…) The are a few hotels that line this beach with access to some food and beverages.  A […]

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This beach is covered with sand, like most other popular beaches and unlike its sister beach, Great Lameshore Bay. This beach may be as secluded as its sister, since the road access is not paved, steep and winding.  A hike from the main roads takes about 15 minutes.  Taxis will not head down to this […]

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This bay is located near the Maho Bay Camps.  There is a parking area above the beach with a set of wooden stairs that lead down to the beach. On the way, you can pick up some itmes from the general store of Maho Bay Camps The Goat Trail connects Maho Bay, Little Maho and […]

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This beach can be found past Cinnamon Bay and is known for its calm, shallow waters, which makes it a great place to take your kids and worry less about waves and drop-offs. You can drive right up to the beach.  Parking is available along the roadside, but there is no parking lot.   Image Courtesy […]

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Located near the end of Route 35 lies Megans Bay, a one mile long, U-shaped beach with calm waters and a gentle slope into the water.  This beach, which has shower and changing facilities, plus a full service bar and take out window for pizza, sandwiches and salads, is great for the whole family. There […]

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Mermaid Beach is located at the Bucaneer resort – and be forewarned, if you are not a guest of the hotel, there is a fee to park in the lot.  I note this, since most beaches do not have fees to access. The beach is a beautiful, soft white sand beach. Since Mermaid Beach is […]

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Morning Star Beach has waves and a surf a little stronger than most around the island, which is a nice change of pace.  Grab a chair towards the numerous sea grape trees that line the back of the beach.  They provide plenty of shade. If you show up later in the day, you will be […]

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Located on the West End (note: great sunsets here!) about a mile from Frederiksted, you will find Rainbow Beach.  Rainbow is a nice sandy beach that can be fun for the whole family. The nice sand beach and mild surf make for a calm afternoon. On Sundays you will often find live music and possibly […]

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Salomon Beach, the companion to Honeymoon Beach is also located on the north shore and accessible by boat or by hike.  Snorkeling is available on the rocky point that seperates the two beaches. Beautiful sand and more seclusion than most popular beaches on St John are among the driving points for visiting this beach. Enter […]

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A short hike from the parking lot will get you to Salt Pond Bay, a more quiet beach due to its distance from Cruz Bay.  If you are staying near Coral Bay, this beach is more accessible than others on the North Shore. This beach is family and child friendly, has a beautiful white sand […]

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If you are searching for variety, Sapphire Beach may be the spot for you. They have live music on Sunday afternoons at the bar, which is a nice open air spot and the music flows out onto the beach. Is volleyball your thing?  The volleyball courts usually have a few people waiting around for a […]

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It’s no secret anymore!  Secret Harbour is one of the best “unknown” beaches on St Thomas.  Many first time visitors to the island overlook this beautiful and calm beach.  Lately, more tourists are finding the resort – and with good reason. Snorkeling is very nice here.  Although there is not a huge amount of schools […]

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This beach is located near the Bucaneer Resort and is accessible from the guarded entrance.  Let them know you are going to the beach at Shoy’s and the fee they charge for parking at the resort shouldn’t apply.  Be aware that a fee may be charged. Park in the small parking lot, look for the […]

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Tamarind is a great beach for quite a few reasons.  The amenities from water sports to beach rentals, food and beverages, snorkeling equipment make you want for nothin’ on this beach. There are even tubes tied down in the water while you enjoy that beverage.  Or, spend the afternoon lazing underneath a swaying palm tree. […]

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Trunk Bay has many amenities and is the most popular tourist beach on St John. The unique thing about Trunk Bay is the underwater snorkeling trail.  Plaques along the trail describe the various species of fish, and provide information about the coral reefs.  This 200 yard trail is excellent for novice snorkelers to get in […]

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Located at the Bucaneer Resort on St Croix, this beach is the most secluded of the three beaches at the Bucaneer.  The main beach is Mermaid Beach, which is right alongside the Grotto Beach. This beach is also coated with the fine white sand, and is studded with beautiful palms. To escape the crowd, when […]

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