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Honeymoon Beach and Salomon Beach are located in the same bay and seperated by only a small rock outcropping.  These two beaches are wonderfully calm with the beautiful, powdery white sand that is common on the north side of St John.

What makes these two beaches unique is the access.  Unlike other beaches with pull offs and parking lots (excluding the very secluded beaches on St John), you will get to this beach by boat or via a hike.  There is a more difficult, steep hike or a longer, but flat hike from the Caneel Resort, which provides a public access trail.

When it comes to boat access, you may notice quite a bit of traffic around the lunch time hour.  Because this beach is more secluded and provides that boat access, many of the day trip excursions decide to drop anchor for lunch and allow thier passengers swim around, snorkel, and enjoy the beach.

Facilities are quite light here, with only portable toilets and some sparse shade.

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