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Coki Point is one of the top two popular beaches on St Thomas (the other being Megans Bay).  Coki Point is located next to Coral World, St Thomas’ famous Aquarium.

Snorkeling is a MUST DO on Coki Point.  The fish are very abundant, due to the daily feedings from the aquarium and the number of folks that bring along food into the water to feed the fish on their own.  Did you know that the fish really go after dog biscuits?

There are quite a few small huts at the top of the beach that provide everything from local cusine to hamburgers and fries.  Waiters and waitresses from each of the huts walk the beach to take your orders.

This is a Cruise Line destination and the beach can become quite crowded from near 10am until approximately 3pm.  Plan accordingly.

One last note:  Due to the high traffic on this beach, as always, I recommend that you do not leave any valuables unattended.  As a matter of fact, we recommend that you always travel as light as possible, with things that you can replace easily.

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