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Ahhhhh… Beautiful Cinnamon Bay.

With all the things you can do at Cinnamon, you could spend the entire day here!  In fact, you can spend the overnight too – as this beach offers camping and cabins, right off the beach.

Cinnamon Baech has a very nice, consistent sand and a long stretch of beach.  Shower facilities are located on site and unlike Trunk Bay, there is no day use fee.

Snorkel equipment, sailboats, sailboards, chairs and umbrellas are available for rent here.  The Tree Lizards restaurant is also on site, along with a camp store.

There is a hiking trail on the left hand side of the beach and an old Danish building houses an archeological museum, full of artifacts from the beach and the island.

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  1. Hands down Cinnamon beach is the favorite for our family (we have been visiting St John for decades!) and guests of our St John villa, Great Expectations. The beauty and ability to always find a bit of shade under a palm tree makes it a winner. Also great snorkeling (around the island) and beach toys to rent are a big plus.

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